Merrimack Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church

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Our Vision & Values

By Andreas Goelzer - Posted on 13 January 2002

Spiritual Integrity

As Christians we are committed to a growing reflection of God's character in our lives through a daily relationship with Jesus.

Divine Worship

Our congregational worship celebrations each Sabbath are God-glorifying, driven by biblical principles, and shared in an atmosphere of loving relationships.

Loving Fellowship

We believe that loving relationships should fill every aspect of church life. Together in Christ we are building a fellowship of believers that is caring, accepting, and unified.

Nurture of Our Youth

Our youth are vital to our church. We encourage their growth in Christ through loving support, fellowship, bible study, and Christian service.

Gifted Ministries

Every believer has a place in gospel ministry and is empowered by the Holy Spirit, through prayer, to exercise spiritual gifts with joy and a growing effectiveness in both the church and community.

Evangelistic Growth

We believe that those who do not have a saving relationship with Christ matter to God, and therefore, matter to the church. Evangelistic growth in our church requires an outward focus that reaches everyone for Christ within the context of caring relationships.

Church Affiliation

Our congregation is a local expression of the world--wide Seventh--day Adventist Church, a movement of prophetic destiny. We actively proclaim and advance the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community as we eagerly prepare for His coming in glory.